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Smart Locks Installation Maui

Unlock Convenience with Smart Locks Installation Maui. We’ll install, set it up and show you how to utilize your new smart lock.

Outdoor Security Camera Installation Maui

Smart Lock Installation Kihei, Maui

Let our team at Install Maui expertly install your new smart lock for your home or vacation rental. Experience a seamless transition into enhanced security and convenience with our comprehensive smart lock service. Common brands we use and recommend:

  • August
  • Kwikset
  • Schlange
  • Wyzecam
  • Yale

Upgrade your home with the enhanced security and flexibility provided by smart locks – contact our team to learn more.

Outdoor Security Camera Installation Maui

Brands We Support

Our pros can install all your favorite smart home devices.

Remote Access

With smart locks, you have the power to control your home’s security from anywhere, using your smartphone or other devices.

Whether you need to let in a guest while you’re away, or want to make sure your doors are locked when you’re already in bed, smart locks offer the perfect solution. The ability to lock and unlock your doors remotely eliminates the need for physical keys and provides an additional layer of convenience.

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Advanced Security

Smart locks offer advanced security features that go beyond traditional locks, providing a robust safeguard for your home.

With smart locks, you no longer need to worry about lost keys. You have complete control over who can access your home, and when. You can also monitor entry and exit times, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals

If you manage a vacation rental, a smart lock is an essential feature for you and your guests. The team at Install Maui can ensure the installation is done correctly, giving you the piece of mind that your vacation rental is secure.

Wall Mounted TV Maui

Client Tutorial

Our expert team at Install Maui will not only install your smart lock system but also guide you through its security features. We’ll help you understand how to best utilize your smart lock for maximum security. With our Smart Locks Installation Service, experience the assurance of a secure home, fortified by the latest in smart lock technology.


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"They mounted my TV for me. On time, very professional, everything as I hoped for. I highly recommend their services."

Julia C.

"Great reliable and affordable. Well done and excellent service"

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"Great service, very responsive and professional. They did a great job uninstalling and re-installing our Tonal Machine. I highly recommend this company."

Marsha W.

"I highly recommend Install Maui to install your TV if you are looking. I had many questions and they answered them with recommendations... If you are looking for installation services, Adalai and his team are your best choice. "

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"Thank you to Install Maui for all of their hard work. I would recommend Adlai and his team to anyone. Fair pricing and great quality work. Will be back! Mahalo"

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"I’m very thankful I chose Install Maui. They responded and did great work in a timely manner. They are very handy and helped me install everything I needed very smoothly! I highly recommend them."

Darlan C.

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